Magician for the Audience

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by magic, so imagine my enthusiasm when I was 12 years old and got the opportunity to start as an apprentice for the legendary magician Solmu Mäkelä. And it wasn’t much later when I already knew the reason why I’m here: to bring joy into people’s lives. For me magic is the best tool for accomplishing this, and for the last 20 years I’ve been lucky enough to work full time with something I really love to do. The best part is the interaction that occurs with the audience: together we make every encounter an unforgettable one. At least, this is what I aim for. I strongly feel that what I do, I do it for my audience. This is the reason I would never make my audience feel uncomfortable or take a laugh at somebody else’s expense during my performances.

My passion

I’ve been working as a fulltime professional magician for the last 20 years and I’ve never had any regrets regarding my choice. I’m passionate about what I do: constantly developing new material, studying the magic literature and collaborating with my extensive network. I also want to support young magicians at the beginning of their careers, as well as making high-quality magic better known in Finland and abroad.  

Way of Working

My way of working is personal; it’s based on long experience, on countless meetings with my audiences and on a disciplined and daily rehearsal- and development work. My repertoire has evolved from these countless engagements, and this, in combination with a versatile technical know-how, is what I utilize, in order to choose the most appropriate repertoire for each individual engagement. My acting education gives me the confidence to improvise and to throw myself into different situations; each individual performance becomes unique.

For further information, please contact me at [email protected]

Magician Robert jägerhorn