Magic for the Company Customers

Over the years I’ve developed a wide repertoire, from which I choose the most suitable material for each individual engagement. The choice of material is made by discussing with the contact person of the event, and is of course also influenced by my previous experience. Regardless of whether it’s a business or a private event, my contact person can always trust that I take care of my share of the event in a professional way, with good taste and with respect for my audience. Usually, I’m able to create events that have a warm atmosphere, filled with humor and interaction. My humor and my magic is never based on laughing at someone from the audience; the starting point has always been the surprising magic and the positive interaction with my audience, spiced with a humor born naturally from the situation.

Suitable events

I mainly do international business events at conferences, dinners, client meetings and various happenings for the staff. I’ve collaborated with customers from from the metal-, transport- and construction industries, from various technology-, service- and trading companies, as well as from different expert organizations in the sales-, software- and consulting industries. My comic financial lecture has been particularly sought after in the banking-, investment- and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as among insurance companies and law firms. Most often I present my programs for a larger group at the same time, but another alternative – and a very flexible one – is to mingle among the guests to entertain smaller groups at the time. I have also developed two specially themed comic programs for the corporate world: the financial lecture and another one on digitalization. Feel free to ask more about about these approximately 20-30 minute long program packages.

Magic for the Private Customers

The salt of my work is to perform at small and intimate occasions, organized by associations, SMEs and private persons. Weddings, graduation- and birthday parties are events that I’m always proud to become a part of. At these happenings, my years of experience and my discretion will ensure that the guests are having a good time; also the host gets the opportunity to feel comfortable and enjoy the party.